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Gara-gara fan event saat konser Girls’ Generation World Tour di Hongkong beberapa waktu lalu yang membawa foto member soshi saat kecil, Sooyoung jadi mengenang masa lalunya dan membaginya lewat message yang dia posting di official website Girls’ Generation. Ga lupa Sooyoung juga ikutan memposting foto saat dirinya masih kecil…

(Official Web) Sooyoung_kecil

Berikut nih isi pesan Sooyoung:

[From. SOOYOUNG]: Reply 1994

After seeing the ‘Baby Baby’ event by Hong Kong SONEs~ (Setelah ngeliat event ‘Baby Baby’ di HK)
I remembered it and looked for these..?? Young Sooyoung.. (Aku teringat dan mencari ini..Sooyoung kecil..)
You’re really ugly. Really?? ?? (Jelek banget. Beneran deh?)
The past really is drippy.. ???? (Masa lalu bener-bener…kekeke)

The weather’s cold.?? (Cuacanya dingin banget TT)
Everyone who came to the fan signing today.. (Buat yang datang ke fansigning..)
Drink something warm and take cold medicine before sleeping!!!!^^ (Minum minuman yang hangat dan minum obat sebelum tidur!! ^^)

Eishhh…ga jelek kok fotonya Soo…malah keliatan lucu imut-imut gemesin apalagi pipinya chubby banget hehe..ga nyangka gedenya cantik banget :p

Source: Official Website Girls’ Generation
Eng Trans: ch0sshi@soshified


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